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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feminine Hygiene - Vagina health & Smell

Health - Feminine Hygiene - Vagina health & Smell

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Feminine Hygiene - Vagina health & Smell

The vagina, similar to our mouth, is normally inhabited by a multitude of minute organisms.

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The vagina's acidic environment prevents one species overpowering another, and inhibits infection. A wholesome vagina positively smells quite sweet and pleasant.

Yet the change that occurs with any vaginal infection changes the smell immediately, and thus one can partially judge a vagina's state of health by its smell.

It should be noted that both the smell of a vagina and its being infected are directly linked to a woman's lifestyle, her weight, and diet.

Some basic rules on Feminine Hygiene can both prevent infections and insure a sweet smelling vagina as well.


o Because infectious agents such as bacteria and yeasts are found in the intestine, after defecation a woman must wipe herself from front to back vaginal area first, rectum after.

A bidet or immediate wash of the anus is also advised, with a rinse of the vulva with warm water.

o Washing also the genital area often with a special ph balanced soap is also essential, and especially after each urination

o Vaginal irrigation is not considerable as it normally disturbs the acid environment, and can allow yeast, for example, to flourish.

o Women should discourage vaginal and anal intercourse alternation while the same session.

Once a man's penis or any object has entered the anus, it must not be allowed back in the vagina without disinfection.


o Tight jeans and clothing look great, but they prevent the normal breathing function of the skin and especially an area like the vulva. This complete in consequent will furnish an unpleasant smell

o For the same reason, woman is recommended not to wear panties while sleep.

o Use of synthetic materials in clothing will also react with the bacteria on the skin, and the bacteria's waste product leaves a particularly unpleasant smell, so wear only 100% pure cotton or silk panties a majority of the time.

o If you use tampons, change them very often. Left too long in a vagina, the tampon itself will be a major cause of order and even infection.


It has been shown that diet can influence directly the smell of the vagina. Eating less meat and meat products, and more fruit and vegetables have a very good consequent on vaginal odor. Also, you must drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Sexual Conduct

o The use of prophylactics (condoms) is extremely recommended for all couples except those that are very familiar. Also if you allow a man to insert either his fingers or toys into your vagina, try to insure both are clean.

Vaginal Infections

This branch is covered in other articles dedicated to this subject, but any of the below can (and does) cause unpleasant vagina odor. In each and every incidence, you must see your gynecologist.

o Bacterial Vaginosis.

This gives the characteristic fishy smell.

o Yeast Infections.

Most women do not see their physician with yeast infection, and resort to over-the-counter medicines. Symptoms contain vulvar itching, flush and irritation. Painful intercourse. We suggest seeing a gynecologist.

o Trichomoniasis.

This is a sexually transmitted illness with symptoms along with vaginal itching, burning, and discharge. See your gynologist.

A bit of care goes a long way. Your vagina was meant to smell sweetly and as it normally cleans itself (both monthly and daily) your caution will be rewarded.

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