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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Online Health Articles and Healthy Recipes

My Online Health Articles and Healthy Recipes

Live Clean with the Paleo Diet

Posted: 04 Nov 2014 10:04 AM PST

It’s ironic that Paleo is the modern rage, considering how old the concept behind it is. It simply advocates a return to more healthful, less processed food.

There’s obviously more to it than that in its implementation, but the core concept is quite simple: go back to the source. But many of us are so used to eating processed foods, we need a little help getting back to basics.

The books below will help you get started or enhance a Paleo lifestyle:


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As its name suggests, The Paleo Diet for Beginners will help you, even if this is your first exposure to what Paleo means. It will explain how the diet will benefit you overall, how it can help you lose weight if you choose, how to eat Paleo on the cheap and much more.

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The Paleo Cookbook can help ease the transition into the world of eating Paleo. It has 300 mouthwatering recipes for every meal and occasion — all are comprised of gluten free and whole, unprocessed ingredients.


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Quinoa can help you maintain a Paleo diet without sacrificing flavor. The recipes in this ebook include chili, salad, pudding, stuffed peppers, and many more. The recipes will dazzle your taste buds while helping you stay healthy.

paleo-appetizersAnd if you like to entertain, the Paleo Appetizers ebook will help you provide healthy food for your guests that no one will ever know is Paleo. Of course, you could always tell them! They’re sure to be impressed that you were able to serve such delicious food that is both dairy- and gluten-free, and also well within the bounds of the Paleo diet.

The book contains 90 recipes, plus bonus party success tips.

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There you have four resources that can help you learn about how Paleo can benefit you and help you clean up your diet. There’s enough diversity in these resources that you can cook for virtually any meal or occasion — including parties!